Keith is a 40-year-old, 1:20 half marathoner, and Shawn is a 29-year-old two-time Boston Marathon qualifier.

Running has been a central part of our lives for a very long time. It's been a way for us to blow off steam, have an outlet for our competitiveness, and gives us the means to explore new places (which we both love doing). We first met through our running club, San Francisco Road Runners Club (SFRRC), and on some of our long runs, we'd often find ourselves talking for hours about why we keep pushing ourselves through injuries, why we spend countless hours training and researching how best to train. We're also apparel and accessory snobs, so we find ourselves talking about the pockets on running shorts far more than we'd like to admit. Over the years, we've had many friends ask for advice, whether it be on training, routes, or gear, so we decided to take our discussions and turn them into a podcast for others to enjoy, relate to, and hopefully learn something from.

Both Keith and Shawn live and run (mostly) in San Francisco, California.